trip to siem reap


Arrived in Siem Reap yesterday. Sleeping at Casa Angkor Hotel. Had dinner with friend at a restaurant with speciality in baked duck. Drank a little heinekein and back to hotel around 11pm.

TV here is not so clear – anyway watchable and i dont care coz no football matches. Then sit down to finish a grant proposal to Global Voice Online regarding Rising Voice Funding.

Breakfast was at Banteay Srey restaurant. Fish porridge. Good. Lunch would be nice today near airport. Then meet with YCC youth network members for discussion and idea brainstorming.

Haven’t plan my time to see Angkor Wat yet. Hmm next day maybe.

purpose of my trip 

Oh! this is the point why i come to siem reap. it is not personal, but a job. usually and annually, my work requires me to travel around to provinces to monitor the performance of partner and grantee organizations.

This trip is specifically on Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC)’s training and networking program.

YCC’s Advance Democracy Seminar is one of IRI-funded program in many provinces in Cambodia. The training provide young people with fresh knowledge about democracy, citizenship and participation in local governance. It is one of the most successful youth training program in Cambodia under USAID grant.

I also planned to see young people who volunteer at YCC too. YCC has a network program to build youth network around each of its programming province.

young people in siem reap

Just met with some 15 YCC ( youth members. It was fun talking with them about their education, living condition and the future. I asked them if there are some problems in Siem Reap. They raised a few of them: video game and karaoke next to school which disturt students, broken sewage in siem reap town, gangsters, corruption in education system…

For video game, they circulated a petition and send to a commune council. they are now waiting for reponse – no reply for a month. They are not happy as they seem to be unable to do anything at all.

Funny, a good guy raised about youngster who seem to enjoy lives so much and look happy all all the time. He said “it seems that he wanna be one of those youngster so that he has nothing to worry”

Anyway, good talk with them. Will see some to them again Monday.

the too-many in siem reap

Here I am in Siem Reap town. Oh! left, right, behind and in front of me, all are hotels, hotels, hotels…

All these give more Cambodian people jobs, business, big and nice building, more money to tour guide and tips to workers.

All these create more Tutu drivers, motor taxis, more small markets, more shops, more internet cafe, more and more.

All these use too much water in Angkor Wat area, more pollution to river and water sources of the locals.

All these use too much local natural resources which we dont expect to be sustainable for long. With a very small river, Siem Reap town depends on under earth water. Every hotel, guest house, restaurants and individual household dig one or more of their own wells for water. Expert are worried about over-using under earth water resources.

I’m afraid too. The impact of such practice doent come out overnight, but future will be desastrous if we dont take it seriously. It is the same to people living in Angkor era. They never knew that Angkor would be abandoned. They caused desastrous result. But they never saw the outcome of their practice. They died before that. But it was next generation people that suffer.

Donut in Siem Reap

I’m looking for Donut shop. Found at Blue Pumkin shop. But it is not BAKED donut. It is FRIED donut as what I sell in phnom penh. The tast is absolutely better. Price is 1 to 10 times. That’s why.

Now need to try to find donut bakery…hope to find one and learn more about it.

back to phnom penh

oh…tired trip. just arrived in pp. back from siem reap. saw lots of changes in siem reap after my last visit in Dec.

in pp, so much traffic. it took me nearly an hour to reach office from suburb.

will be home in an hour or so. but need to meet donut makers. there’s sth to talk about.

there’s going to be lots of stuff to do tomorrow. tv program, youth festival and other other little things…


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