new poll reflects cambodian public opinion


International Republican Institute (IRI) recently released a survey of Cambodian public opinion undertaken with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and conducted by the Center for Advanced Study. The poll, conducted December 20, 2006 – January 20, 2007, prior to commune council elections, covers general attitudes toward the direction of the country, corruption, commune council elections, infrastructure, land, youth and returned Cambodians. Polling is an important tool in a democracy since it can provide scientific answers to the questions “What do the people want?” The more political leaders understand what the people truly want, the better they can serve.

Download the poll result here:

Face-to-face interviews were conducted with a randomly selected sample of 2,000 adult men and women from all 24 provinces of the country. The margin of error for the national sample was +/- 2.8%. The urban sample accounted for 18% of respondents and rural respondents made up the remaining 82%, roughly mirroring Cambodian population demographics. There was a 50% to 50% male-to-female ratio, and the ethnic distribution was 96% Khmer to 4% others.

The poll was designed for use by political leaders rather than for general consumption. IRI is using the poll data to refine its own programs with political parties, youth and human rights; to educate leaders how to use this scientific tool of democracy; and to reveal political opportunities that exist in responding to voter desires. Because the information gained through the poll is of general interest to the public, however, IRI and USAID decided to publicly release the results as a service to the Cambodian people.

A few poll highlights by topic:

Is the Country Moving in the Right/Wrong Direction?

* Cambodians are optimistic for their country’s future because of the infrastructure they see being built.

* The government and the ruling party are credited for the infrastructure improvements.

*Cambodians see corruption as the greatest hindrance to their country’s future.

*Less corruption would allow more infrastructure to be constructed such as schools and health clinics, but more importantly it would allow those facilities to be staffed with well paid professionals.

Attitudes of Young People

* Younger people are less concerned with historical figures and struggles.

* Instead, they want more of the roads and schools that provide opportunities for their future and connect them with the outside world.

Impact of Land Issues

* The survey shows that 20% of the people of Cambodia claim to have had their land gabbed or attempted to be grabbed.

* Land grabbing can become an explosive issue as the vast majority of Cambodians consider themselves landowners.

* Documentation or land-titling seem to have no impact on successful defense against a land-grabbing attempt.

* Improved procedures to eliminate corruption from the land-titling process can lead to greater stability and enhanced economic development.

* Informal discussions with banks in Cambodia highlight the land-titling issue as a factor that slows down financial arrangements for business transactions, thus holding back business development ranging from the micro-business to multi-national investors.

(Article from US Embassy Phnom Penh Webpage: )


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