filming cambodian reality show


Just this year that my work has moved to another field with new challenge and funs. That’s filming. Oh! sounds good? maybe.

I’m working on a reality show called “Youth Leadership Challenge”. It is a very new and unprecedented program in Cambodia. International Republican Institute, where i work, and the Youth Council of Cambodia, in cooperation with Cambodian Television Network are working hard to make this show happen.

* About the show: It is a reality TV program – a bit like Apprentice of Donald Trump but different. The show is to provide millions of viewers in Cambodia the experience of leadership and team work and show about youth activism and promote community service initiatives.

* Format: 16 candidates (8 ladies) are selected from several hundreds of applicants around the countries aged from 18 to 27 years old. They are divided into two teams and will compete in eight tasks – all involve the real-life experience of how a leader needs to come across. Two of them are eliminated by their colleagues at the end of every task. Only one will be left to be the champion.

* Prize: A study trip to the U.S. for two week. It is a dream to go to the U.S. for many Cambodians. This is a really great opportunity for Cambodian young people.

* Toughness: It’s really is. The challenge, time pressure and management are crucial to win the competition. Politics in each team really makes headache for each contestant to think outside the box to maintain their seat in the show from one task to another.

* Time pressure: Filming needs so much time that requires candidates to stay with the program the whole day and six days a week. It will be finished in four week.

* When: the show will be on air in mid September after CTN Pizza House at 1145-1215 noontime Cambodia.


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