‘lux’ is my name


why my name is ‘lux’:

i was born after khmer rough regime (democratic kampuchea) collapsed. local cambodian started their new lives. my parents earned their living through selling lots of everyday-consuming goods. one of those was a soap branded ‘Lux’. it is a product of uniliver and was very popular in my village and it is like cocacola and mac donald in the united states. so, when i was born, my grandma gave me a name ‘lux’, which becomes a story that i could make people laugh about myself.


One Response to “‘lux’ is my name”

  1. […] 6th, 2007 ‘lux’, as i think, is derived from ‘luxury’. but the meaning of my name can be a bit more complicate: ‘lux’ is the measure of light the camera needs to […]

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