most inspiring mottos


i like motto made by organizations and companies for their product. all of the mottos do not just promote their product, they are like a proverb. most of them are inspiring and worth remembering…

i try to recall and put some here and will add more later. if you have, please help add yours…

  1. the world is talking. are you listening? – global voices online
  2. just do it – nike
  3. connecting people – nokia
  4. first in business worldwide – cnbc
  5. moving forward – toyota
  6. putting news first – bbc
  7. life’s good – lg
  8. one world, one dream – china olympics
  9. go beyond expectation – malaysia airlines
  10. i’m lov’n it – mc donald
  11. before news, it’s reuters – reuters
  12. it’s not that hard to imagine – samsung
  13. the crown of every achievement – rolex
  14. the guardian of time – rolex
  15. worldwide leader in sports – espn
  16. carrying china, spanning the world – air china
  17. smooth as silk – thai airline
  18. education for excellence – puc cambodia
  19. tell the world my world – my blog (inspired by global voices online)

what’s your motto…?


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