t-shirt from beth kanther


Lux Meanbeth kanther made a great journey from boston to phnom penh to train local bloggers in cambodian bloggers summit. i got a tshirt from her who collected them from the u.s.

originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg


2 Responses to “t-shirt from beth kanther”

  1. bethkanter Says:

    Love that photo! I’m compiling all the t-shirt blog posts too. I’m also happy to discover your photos. Hopefully this jet lag will go away soon and I can concentrate enough to write a thoughtful post summing it up.

  2. admin Says:

    i came across google’s froogle in 2003. i saw google tshirt. it looked so nice. but expensive. and i forgot about it. n that feeling is so joyful now. i got it on me.

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