cambodian bloggers summit – after


tell the world my world (cambodia blog‘s motto)

. fascinated by people i know, who never came face to face: i know all people in the summit, but had never met them. i touched them by my comments on their posts, by answering and asking questions via email, by seeing them through updated photos and posts which show them changing from time to time, by calling through skype and by chat and by poking each other via facebook…and so on… the event brought these friends to hug and shake hands, talk in the eyes and tell them stories that i, somehow, could not put into words.

. fun and more excited fun: blogging is fun. and it took us such fun to make this summit happened. since 2005, the team have heard our own voices and words again and again speaking about blogging to hundreds of participants – those students who know every little about computer, those IT students who have little touch with internet, and those IT professors who even never heard the word ‘blog’. our team really have lot of funs doing this. though we teach same things, we got different questions from place to place. after 1,700 students gave us lots of funs, we wanted to find a more excited fun from blogging – clogger summit. (though this is the root of pitw and cambodian bloggers summit, we did not put this in our proposal to sponsors. we afraid the reasons would not attract fund for the event.)

. exposed: some are bloggers, some are first-time bloggers and some are would-be bloggers but they are no different when seeing kalyan’s live opening from new york, various presentations and funs. all excited, all inspired, all motivated. they went back with lots of things about blogging: doubts, suspicions, desire for more explanation and details, and their new vision: a digitalized cambodia, a faster and cheaper-internet cambodia. they also look into a map of cambodia, in their vision, with uncountable wires – not just several lines roads and rivers. we helped them see, and seem to touch, what their futures want. they are ready to explore more by themselves. this makes me feel the possibility, the positivity laid ahead for cambodian blogospere.

. longing for what’s next: as the day ended in the hall, i was convinced the event would get back from what it had given to participants. fairness: the event taught u, u teach others. the summit did get their promises from the last game. one participants demanded “we are here today – only 100 people [bloggers], so when we go back the other millions waiting for us the teach them…[applaud]”.

. angkunh: as we approached the closing of the summit, one beautiful student asked “why do you give all of us the angkunh“. a great answer from john: “because u r the seeds of new generation of bloggers. angkunh is a kind of seed.” i asked myself then “john, u think i’m old?” i don’t mind about it anyway.

. new t-shirts on the street: don’t be surprised if u r on the way to somewhere sometime and see cambodians on bicycles or motorbikes wearing t-shirs of technorati, creative commons, secondlife, techsoup, and so on…, beth kanther brought all of those for cloggers. now i’m wearing “i digg” writing this post. steve said during his photoblog presentation: “yeah, i feel good.”

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