learning to sing ‘beautiful girl’


listening to hip hop or rap, i find it quite noisy. r & b and country is what i like. now comes sean kingston with his single debut: beautiful girl.

i first heard ‘beautiful girl’ the last evening of cloggers summit when cloggers when out to eat, dance, drink, talk and walk. i’m learning to sing this song.

how about khmer pop songs?
due to democractic kampuchea regime, cambodian folks classify khmer pop music into two categories: pre-1975 and after-1979 pop. old people or unupdated people – like me, prefer the pre-1975 music. there are many stars who were still considered as unbeatable by listeners and people who love khmer pop music.

the new pop music (the after-1979) is not so popular among the olds, but does good with young people in city. generally, these music are up to date with pop music of the west and korean or chinese. these music is not exactly a product – but merely a copy from those overseas. its modernity win teenagers ears. currently, one of the most popular new song in radios is a khmer version of “wonderful tonight, by eric clapton“, sung by the most famous cambodian pop star and copied by the biggest music production in cambodia.


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