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What is an IP Phone? PC-2-Phone?

IP Phone or PC-2-Phone is an affordable and easy-to-use broad based International telephone service. At present it offers international outgoing calls. Designed for business or home use, it allows anyone with broadband internet access to make international calls anywhere in the world cheaper than the existing international calling rates. Customer needs to purchase or rent IP Phone with affordable price from Online for IP Phone users, and customer needs to install Free 3TelCafeSetup and put PIN code for PC-2-Phone user.

What are the advantages?

– Lowest Rates on international calls

– Good voice qualit

– Surf the Internet while you are calling

– Can be use with Prepaid Calling Card

What do I need to use these services?

IP Phone


Good speed or broadband internet connection

– 1 set of IP Phone from Online

– 1 Set of computer with 3TelCafeSetup

– 1 monthly 3Tel account or Prepaid Calling

– 1 account of Prepaid Calling Card

Is this service legal?

This service has been permitted by the MPTC.

What should I do to have this service?

Simply, after you have internet connection, you just contact to our Online Sales.

How to set up IP Phone/IP Phone

After you sign up this service with Online, our technical support will go to install and explaine how to use this service at your premise.

PC-2-Phone/How to setup PC-2-Phone

After you purchased Prepaid Calling Card, you just follow the instruction in CD, by installing 3TelCafeSetup, key in the PIN Code from Prepaid Calling Card and connected with headset.

*For the international calling rates, please visit

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