chharda’s diary


chharda’s diary

“…Though I am happy, but my tear is still ready to come and enjoy my time, too. Whatever surroundings,either if one misses among two or if one is upset, another one will be in that state.however, it is…”

something has happen to her. she tells about her internal confusion n is finding ways to live a new way of life…and talks about her ‘lost love’. she complains she is missing someone very much.

calling herself as Chharda /chhor – da/, she maybe the most open clogger (cambodian + blogger) in cambodia. her photo is posted on her blog. she is a new generation of cambodian woman who opens her heart to the public through blog telling about her love and confesses that she may not be able to forget someone. a topic that a cambodian woman would keep quietly hurt inside – and alone.

live is so complicating is her latest post about herself and a “friend”.

her post on may 14th “me to you” revealed a heartfelt memory and heart-breaking time in kep, kampot province. her sketched photo is also added there where a link of a sad song is there for her “lost friend” to click n listen.

“Here i am ( at Kep ) i ‘m missing you. Missing u. Every day, I think about you,i miss the time you were here with me.Since you came into my life nothing has been the same.I’ve experienced love to its fullest, …”

(photo: chharda’s diary)

~~~having love and lost is better than never have love at all.


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