have junks?


early dinner with my lil sis at my garbage/junk depot. don’t waste, make money from ur junks? email me at: havejunks[at]gmail[dot]com


9 Responses to “have junks?”

  1. […] hey, i don’t know whether you have come across Lux blog already, if not then here it is the Have Junks to Sell which draw your attention not to loose every penny. This is the way of collecting free money while […]

  2. KHMER BLOG Says:

    អេបង បានម្ហូបឆ្ងាញ គ្មានងាកក្រោយសោះហ្មង…

  3. lux Says:

    sorry…can’t help

  4. aznakagreen Says:

    very interesting blog 😀

  5. looks delicious huh?

  6. lux Says:

    yep it was…:-)

  7. your picture is so pity because you look like simple family.

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