72 hrs break


workers get seventy two hours break to go back to hometown and vote in this july 27 general election.

newspaper this morning mentioned spokeman of nec asking mobile service provider to send gotv tmsg to voters around the country reminding them to go vote on election day. m gonna vote too 🙂

a nice waitress at a bar m having spagetti is going to her hometown in kg cham. another one live in pnp so no problem. wow election day seems so excited for them. she said she is pretty excited.

it is different from previous election season that current prime minister allow and make sure that places be closed so their employees given enough time to go vote.

a waitress said she is from kampuchea krom. i was surprised. “from kampuchea krom, but ur accent is…” “i am at kampuchea krom blvd.” she replied. haha cool.

spagetti arrived. southern comfort is really nice this evening. i’ll do double.


2 Responses to “72 hrs break”

  1. […] is election day in Cambodia. Workers got a 72-hour break in order to vote in the provinces. Motorcycle diaries and John Vink posted election-related photos. […]

  2. lux Says:

    thanks for picking it up.

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