un-tie urselves, girls


tradition vs sexiness

i was on the way to a meeting mid of this week and was fortunate to take this picture which in a minisecond reminded me of a debate bloggers had at cloggerscorner function in may. some friends are discontent with a tv sexy-ad of a motorbike company. then the issue was taken to a debate at cloggerscorner. two positions on sexiness during the debate. ‘a’ argues that sexiness is against cambodian tradition and so, there should not be any sexiness. ‘b’ argue that ‘a’ should open to that n un-tie themselves from tradition. cambodia is changing. locking up yourself in tradition maybe not practical anymore.

the highlight of the issue:
– in cambodian society, rational for a man to divorce his wife is: she goes out late at night. while woman could not do that. that make man easy to intimidate woman.

cambodian women should un-tie themselves from the tradition of: not going out at night, not wearing short or what ever we know in cambodia how to behave a good girl: don’t be sexy.

women need to be confident about themselves. don’t let the thinking of those guys (maybe that even includes ‘me’ hahaha) intimidates your confident. (just to confirm: man says that he marries only to virgin woman in cambodia – readers can go out ask some guys right now for their reply and write me back in comment box).

even though cambodian academics, governmental institutions and high educateds always talk ‘preserving tradition’ on what girls should wear n be virgin, i think that does not meet the reality of changing cambodia at present days. they need to accept reality and women need to un-tie themselves.

to take greater roles in society, women must un-tie themselves from unpractical tradition. don’t let your confidence be intimidated by men’s though: ‘to whom men would want to marry’. it’s ur call!

see a picture here! she is leaving a pagoda and you see what she has shown to monks in the pagoda? is she sexy enough for pchum ben festival?


2 Responses to “un-tie urselves, girls”

  1. Chhai Says:

    I think sexy and revealing is two different things. I don’t think you have to reveal your skin to be sexy. As we see in statue of apsara and so forth,Khmer tradition is about sexiness. Being revealing is in our culture. In rural areas, women who have kids do not mind showing their breasts.

    I think somewhere in between, being a conservative society, we lost track of what we are. Our culture is all about modernization, being Buddhists we accept modern concepts. We are the first civilized society in South East Asia. Women have strong influence in society and traditionally been highly respected. So for modern women, should embrace new changes and do what ever make you feel good. I think people who judges women are mostly women themselves.

  2. lux Says:

    Thank u for helping with more insight.

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