oh… fighting in preah vihea temple


why all things at preah vihea temple just happened before 2008 cambodian national election? m a little stunt about the game at the border – but no surprise.

the only thing is that i don’t want soldiers and people die, because it is the game of other people that they play with lives of innocent people.

sure, we, as citizens, both cambodians and thais, must live and die with our homeland, sacrifice to protect her.

is there agreement between the two government to do something at the border to divert attention of the public? i think thai government has a lots on this. the news could give thai government time to breath n tackle the opposition demonstration and shift attention of thai public.

but why cambodian government involves in this? does our government has things to do with this too? garment sector is falling down. meeting between cambodian garment sector and international buyers yielded no result last week. my neighbors said her porridge did not sell well coz no over-time work for garment workers recently. factories are closing down, real estate bubble comes to an end though expect to bounce back. khmer rough tribunal come to the hot stage.

m very unsure about military musle between cambodian soldiers and thai soldiers. but m sure thailand is richer than cambodia.

it is so sad historic event. the fighting, though continue till next year, solve none of the issues of borders. people will die, solders will die, children lost their father, wife lost their husband, trade is down and after a while and a while of fighting, the government said “oh! it seems a lot of people die already, let’s come to the table and start from the beginning again”.

it is tragic, but could not be avoid sometimes. we live in a society. a society is governed by a government. we live under the rule of the government. the government has the plan. and we die with the plan. we only need to plan and the death is justified for real cause – solution and homeland.

but i don’t see both government button-push for the fighting is justified for the death and wounded fighters at all – at all. just a game which does not end yet.

n there are other real issue at stake. let’s us all pay attention to all things. don’t just flow along with the game.


2 Responses to “oh… fighting in preah vihea temple”

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  2. Sokheoun Says:

    It´s so true, Lux. We need Change for a better future of Cambodia.

    So busy with work. Just come a cross your blog and interesting to see you opined¨on this issue. Take care and have a nice day!

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