blog or fb/tweet?


blog or fb/tweet?

facebook n tweeter r killing blogs in cambodia. i’m sure enough. see my last post and this post, you’ll see how big the gap of time is between them. but from time to time, update to update, i just feel sth in-complete in facebook and tweeter…

my facebook friends growed to 300 last week. i decided to stop adding or accepting more. i changed my facebook name so that no friend would find me. i like to have new unknown friends on facebook. i don’t like friends who are seeing each other week-in week-out. it doesn’t make sense to let them see all my movement and my thought in the web, which i find many fb friends are the opposite of me.

some friends like to show emotion – angry, sad n happy with sth around them.

some friends like to show off – a friend’s update this morning: ‘need to prepare my speech for today conference’.

some friends are just quiet (or observing).

i like facebook in some way. i don’t know which way…but in some way for sure. but i miss blogging a lot. i don’t have much time though. but think that blogging would be better, while facebook notifies only your friends and i feel it is a closed medium (but still ppl can spread, i reckon.). for blog, it reaches more audience when i want to tell them about something. problem is ppl don’t go to blog anymore. collaboration? ok.

which is better i still have to learn more… and for this while, i’m happy to finish this post after a long while…


6 Responses to “blog or fb/tweet?”

  1. ThaRum Says:

    This is one of several interesting topics about blogging and the use of social networking sites. I’m not surprised, after a couple years, that what facing Cambodian bloggers today is to ask this question: where are we? I don’t really think what happens now is the deciding factor of which one becomes more popular. You may have been a bit disappointed by what you witness today, but you did a good job to get people, not only to start blogging, but to go online and embrace communication. All the tools you mentioned above are, after all, Internet tools; and people use them to express their opinions, either in a walled garden (Facebook) or not.

    Give a man a knife, and let him decide what to do with it.


  2. Sophat Says:

    I agree with tharum that you might be too disappointed. I actually believe blog and fb don’t have to mix. In my case fb came to my rescue in that I no longer faced the dilemma of whether or not to post personal things for friends on blog. I fb more personally and blog more professionally. This gives me control over audience who can read what and who can’t allowing much-needed privacy on cyberworld.

  3. John Weeks Says:

    These days I see people blog, and stream it into FB or use a Twitterfeed to show they’ve updated. I agree, social media is getting more complicated. There’s quality and quantity. I have plenty of things to say but less time. I guess I need to narrow my priorities down.

  4. sokheounpang Says:

    Hi Lux why u feel such a way? Please accept it….coz u cant get away. By the way are u still working for IRI?

  5. To me your blog and your FB/tweeter account should be complementary. They both have strenghts and a combination of both is the best you can do. For example, to express a complex idea, the status of tweeter or FB is way too limited vs your blog posts.

    Please see my article on this: The Ephemeral Tweet. Here is the link:

  6. Tahina Says:

    I agree with Ricardo, they should be complementary. I personally use social networks to promote my blog on which I try not to talk about personal matters. It depends on how public/private things your share can be.

    We have also noticed this Facebook impact on bloggers in the Malagasy blogosphere.

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