what the future holds? don’t try to realize, let it excite you


”what the future holds? don’t try to realize. let it excite you, let life flows and flies”

ready for it. thursday jun 9, 2011. will start my cooking class. my friends, you must be asking in your head what m i doing? ahaha

ma life goal never changes – as i told ya. i do things differently and i do different things. that is all for my life goal and i’ll get there. just same same as i told you guys.

– 1998: quit school, sell watch and polish shoe
– 1998: back to school, get scholarship at royal university of law and economics (rule) and archaeology at royal university of fine art (rufa)
– 2002: graduate from law school (drop out of rufa archaeology)
– 2002: scholarship at singapore management university (smu)
– 2003: work with youth, promote democracy
– 2007: direct tv shows
– 2010: marketing manager at p&g cambodia
– 2010: work on construction project
– 2011: go to cooking class
– 2012: the future holds the excitement!


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