cambodia – the too, too, and too


an old woman gets confused in a pile of shoes as she's ready to leave cambodia about a lot of ‘too’ things recently???

. too much food in pchum ben season that it becomes a waste in pagoda. cambodians should consider a better way to such consumption. heard that there are some ngos take that food for the poor. good idea. but anyway, still a waste of money when you could make use of the money that we pay on food to do something else in such a good way for the pchum ben season and our ancestors.

. too few companies in the newly open stock exchange market which makes cambodia a few of the countries with the least companies stock

exchange together with zimbawe and laos.

. too fast and too good relation with our neighbor thailand? i don’t mean i don’t want a good relation with our neighbor, but considering all the fiece daily drama on tv, radio and newspaper that curse and swear

thai (which i don’t like), now abruptly we have leaders of the two countries playing football with too many goals in both sides?

. are we too much with thailand that one day we talk too bad about them and the in the other day we talk too good about them? it’s about politics but isn’t that too much? what’s behind this too too much things? u see? nobody, tv or radio, follow up the story at the geneva court anymore, nobody talk about preah vihea temple anymore, nobody talk about our soldiers there anymore. the topics has become too small to talk?

. too big to run. watching the football match between our leaders, i think our leaders are too big to run. not healthy. i wish them do more exercise and live much long longer to take care of our great nation for a long long time to come.

. too much rain that it floods many areas in countryside.

. too few people own too much land in our country.

. too much traffic, too much cars, too few street, too few infrastructure to accommodate the urban growth.


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