pchum ben, little thought


Photo-0022pchum ben holiday ends today. where were you during this holiday is quite interesting… if u r overseas, i don’t know what that means. but if someone stayed at home like me, it sounds like lonely but it’s so complete, i feel. actually because i hadn’t been at home during daytime for a couple months because i  work 7 days a week at my scrap yard.

many people went to hometown though mostly flooded. what’s an adventurous trip – even siem reap was flooded, taking the big holiday destination out of the map for most cambodians. i guess tens of thousands of dollars

lost for siem reap business. there is not a little piece of monetary cost reported at all except a few mentionings of the number hectas of ricefield lost under water.

meeting their family and especially old grandpa and grandma, it’s a great reunion. i miss my grandma too and she’s gonna visit phnom penh soon. can’t wait to see her. however, for low salary workers, the reunion comes with a big price as it happens in such holidays. transportation cost skyrockets. it’s time to spend money but they have little to spend actually after keeping aside money for just transport. i have no complain about that. it’s free market – as long as they travel safely, which is difficult to be sure.

some news about flood donation distribution made mostly by gov’t officials and monks – but not impressive. we all know how such donation is channeled and up-ended. little effort is made in the news report though i saw prime minister tripped to flooded countryside village. it’s because the gov’t want us to keep celebrating the football match that prime minister played with thai gov’t counterparts. if it is a priority, there would be fundraising program on every tv station already. remember? the preah vihea temple fundraising, the diamond island deadly incident fundraising… and so on. but why not a fundraising for flood victims? thus for me, i think the fundraising happened before did not initiated by the good will of helpful people, but by a system propaganda. if that really came from the heart of tv stations, it would so have happened now for flood victims. because nothing to gain from such initiative since flood is nature – but preah vihea temple and diamond island incident were rooted by a thread of complicated interaction of power and public relation of the system while flood victim initiative would be just mere humanitarian cause.

i heard that some were stuck in traffic for a day at critical passing point such as neakloeung ferry. i never thought this would happen as i believed that officials would have prepared better. it’s not a new problem, it is even not a problem, it’s just a routine. it seems like the un-readiness of our officials is also a routine – not a problem to be solved. 

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