no boat race, commune election campaign starts now


the prime minister announced the cancellation of water festival this season citing the benefit of moving the budget to rather help people affected by the flood. cambodia, and thailand alike, is heavily suffering from seasonal flood.

the decision is bold by the government as the festival is the biggest royal-ist event for the monarchy. while the budget from the gov’t spent on the festival is big, the huge sum of the overall festival spending is from the ruling party cpp itself. cpp’s affiliates sponsor nearly every of the annual 400 boats that race in front of the royal palace. the prime minister and the cpp, rather than as usual sponsoring the boats, prefers to use their money to bolster their campaign for the commune election instead. it’s clever. such a nice move!

cpp already controls the majority of parliament and commune council. but why not taking all the rest and the only one? that’s what the prime minister is doing!

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