book – steve jobs


download read this beautiful book. i made my effort to orchard road to buy it.

i think he was a bit of crazy and extreme. reading the book, i see little of a normal man side in the way he worked. everything is in extreme. he ate only fruit and veg. rarely took a bath. but there wouldn’t be iphone and other very nice products without him. he wanted perfection and simplicity which i like to learn from. but he asked for such extreme that no CEO did that. I’m not sure that other people, manager or CEO will be able to produce product like him through a soft or less brutal way of order, can’t they?

he went to india to find spiritual enlightenment and he practice Buddhist zen for life. he stayed in India about 8 months. a friend of mine is very surprise and didn’t believe that steve jobs is a buddhist.

i find that everything about him is always ”too” much or ”too extreme” or other ”too” ”too”. and his success came from that ”too” things.

he learned from his father about design too. his father repair used car for sale. his father told him that even a drawer is inside a table, you gotta make it as good as well even though nobody saw it.

he was so crazy that he thought he could change the world. he did it.


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