. http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/news/2005/07/68224

. http://www.phnompenhpost.com/index.php/20070809464/

2008, now & next

. preparing for fulbrigth scholarship final interview aug 28 at 330pm
. trained 2,000 university students in 17 universities
. observer in cambodia election july 27
. organized 6th “youth festival” in prey veng province: aug 16-17: 13,000 attendants
. producing and directing “youth reality show” season 4 http://bestyouth.org
. organized 5th “youth festival” in pursat province: 10,000 attendants
. produced and directed “youth reality show” season 3

alumni conference in singapore
. prepare 4th youth festival in takeo: 8,000 attendants
. produced youth leadership challenge 2nd season
. organized cambodian bloggers summit
. going to final interview of fulbright scholarship – failed
. taking holidayyyyyyyyyy
. filming youth leadership challenge 2nd season
. organized 3rd youth festival in svay rieng province
. organized 2nd youth festival in kampong cham province
. organized blog workshop at 14 universities for some 2,000 students
. youth leadership challenge 1st season
. toefl exam: score 607 (itp)
. commune council election observer with iraqi delegation

. attended asia society’s asia 21 young leaders summit in seoul, korea
. organized 1st youth festival in battambang province
. i was in wired news
. i was in the cambodia daily about blog

. attended seapa’s freedom of expression in asia cyber space conference, manila philippines
. start blogging
. assessing programing activity of youth council of cambodia
. organized 1st ycc‘s national youth conference

. founded and chair volunteers without borders
. attended sif alumni conference: asian pulse

. start working at [my organization]
. election observer

. non-exchange student at singapore management university (singapore)
. khmer rough and its responsibility, thesis & later published as book
. graduate from rule with bachelor of law
. audience with king father, border issue

. member of board of students’ movement for demoracy
. attended iri’s advanced democracy seminar

. manager at mohabot center (english training center)

. joint students’ movement for democracy
. teacher of english

. went to royal university of law and economics (rule)

. runing home business (after failing university exam)
. graduated from high school

to be continued…


4 Responses to “who i am…”

  1. sabyesachi Says:

    Dear friend,

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    We are at present in process of launching another film festival – Green Unplugged – with focus on life, culture and nature. It is to be launched in December, 2008 with support and involvement from prominent organizations and people. Some of the names are : Barrie Osborne (Producer, New Zealand, 7 times – Oscar winner), Michael Pyser (Producer, USA, Several Oscar Nomination), Shekhar Kapoor (Film-maker/Director, India, Oscar Nominated 2007) 

    Our online film festival is an humble effort to give the upcoming filmmakers as well as established or conscious film-makers a platform where they can showcase their work and present themselves to the larger global audience. Festival is a non-commercial event. It is an open-for-all festival, with free participating/viewing.

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    VIRAL (Most Shared/Linked) : Media Storage Unit – 300 GB
    JURY’S CHOICE (Must View) : Premier Pass to Sundance Film Festival
    FILM-MAKERS’ CHOICE (Best Art) : $5000

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    1) Films: On Social / Cultural / Environmental Issues.
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    4) Films which are in English or suitably sub-titled in English (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome).
    Multiple submissions welcome.

    If you participate in the festival, you will be contacted shortly prior to the launch of this festival. Post festival, we will be launching a permanent venue with the film archive with intention to promote transformative films and its film-makers on global level. With this venue we intend to create an open & transparent system for film-makers and facilitate dialogue among them, their audiences and other professionals to fertilize social consciousness.

    Plz feel free to forward this massage to filmmakers.

    Please let us know if you can/wish to participate in this festival. If you have further question, feel free to contact on my cell at +91 9975 688145  or at our office: +91 20 65002520 or email me at sabyesachi@cultureunplugged.com.

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    We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
    With Regards,

    Sabyesachi Bharti
    Culture Unplugged Studios
    India | USA | New Zealand

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I am a student at Arcadia University. My english class is working on an honors project about Cambodia and Vietnam. The main idea of the project is to find out how people from these countries view the United States and Americans. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi Mr. Mean Lux,

    How are you? I hope you are very well.

    I wanted to let you know that I am having my first solo photo exhibition starting on May 29th at the new Four Faces Gallery in Siem Reap and it will feature some of my blog photos and other Street Photography.

    You can find their site at http://www.4faces.net

    I wondered please if you would mind doing a post on your blog about my blog, my photos and the upcoming exhibition.

    I remember meeting you at the Cloggers Conference and I was so happy to hear that you liuke my photos!

    Thank you very much and best of luck to you and your family.

    Steve Goodman

  4. Cool site, love the info.

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