one personal thing about me is that ‘if i have only enough money for a book that i want to read, i will buy the book and skip my meals’. all the books that i read gave me the knowledge that i gratefully possess.

my books give me dream and reality. my books guide me to ‘what i need to do’ and ‘what i need to do for’. my books teach me about the good and the bad, as well as the gain and the lose. my books open my eyes and help me see even when my eyes close. each of my book takes me to another world i am not belong right now. my books lie the future in front of me. my books teach me to learn about myself. my books help me find my soul. 

“life is like a visitor, after a while it says goodbye to the world” — the unknown

…and i am here selling my books:

contact me at: meanlux[at]gmail[dot]com

. digital fortress, by dan brown

. the davinci code, by dan brown

. eleven minutes, by paulo coelho

. the pilgrimage, by paulo coelho

. the fifth mountain, by paulo coelho 

updated on sep 17, 08to be continued…


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